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GHIAA Adopts Joint Statement Calling for Implementation of the Hydrogen Economy

November 4, 2022

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[월간수소경제 이종수 기자] The World Hydrogen Industry Federation, launched in May to revitalize the global hydrogen economy market and promote industry, has adopted a joint statement emphasizing the importance of hydrogen and the urgency of implementing the hydrogen economy for the community international.

The World Hydrogen Industry Association (Chairman Jae-do Moon, hereinafter referred to as GHIAA) held the ‘2nd Regular General Meeting’ in Brussels, Belgium on the 25th.

GHIAA is a consultative body between hydrogen industry associations representing major countries established by H2KOREA in Korea, and currently 20 associations are participating.

In the ‘2nd General Assembly’ on this day, representatives of hydrogen associations from all countries participated online and offline to discuss and decide on a total of five agendas, including the adoption of a Declaration of Support for COP27 for the purpose of strengthening r private-centred programme. bilateral and multilateral hydrogen industry cooperation JH2A) and the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association (hh2) joined as new members.

In addition, at this general meeting, Hydrogen Europe (EU) representative Yorgo Tchachimarkakis was appointed as second vice-chairman, which had been vacant since the establishment of GHIAA in May. As a result, he will lead GHIAA for two years together with Jae-do Moon, Chairman of H2KOREA (Korea, Presidency), and Frank Wallak, Vice Chairman of FCHEA (USA, Vice Chairman).

In particular, GHIAA is a joint effort to emphasize the importance of hydrogen for improving energy security and the urgency of implementing a hydrogen economy to the participating countries and related organizations and companies at the ’27th Conference of the Parties (COP27 )’ which is to be held in Cairo, Egypt in November adopted the declaration.

In a joint statement, GHIAA emphasized that “the implementation of a hydrogen economy is essential not only to realize global carbon neutrality but also to respond to the current energy security crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine crisis” It urged the prompt realization of hydrogen. society.

At the same time, GHIAA decided to publish an annual report (February 2023) containing information on hydrogen-related policies and industry trends by country.

GHIAA Chairman Moon Jae-do said, “In this ‘Second General Assembly’, the Hydrogen Associations of Japan and Hungary joined forces, and Hydrogen Europe participated as the chairman. GHIAA will lead the revitalization of the global hydrogen industry as well as create national synergies through technology development, demonstration projects, and the exchange of human resources between countries and companies,” he said.

Meanwhile, GHIAA plans to hold the ‘3rd regular general meeting’ at the ‘Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Seminar 2023 (HFCS)’ to be held in California in February 2023.